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Green Access Partners

A forward-thinking venture capital firm dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainability. Their mission is to support visionary entrepreneurs and start-ups who are committed to making a positive impact on the blockchain world.


Crypto Executives

Welcome to the Elite Crypto Executives Network. The premier network for elite crypto executives worldwide, offering unmatched expertise, powerful connections, C-level networking, and fundraising support.



AVio is a dynamic partner, providing Cryptool with tailored incubation support, strategic advisory insights, and financial backing to align with Cryptool’s growth. Additionally, AVio’s robust tech support ensures seamless integration, enhancing Cryptool’s technological capabilities.


Kyano Digital

Kyano Digital excels in full-stack design, development, and security, offering custom solutions for businesses pursuing digital excellence. Their innovative approach shapes the future of the crypto industry.


Radom Network

Radom simplifies crypto payments for businesses, streamlining processing and automating recurring payments. Supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and billing models, Radom is invaluable for all sizes.



Empowering DeFi startups with funding, marketing, and community support to propel Web3.0 ecosystem growth.


Sherbert Lemon UK

Your go-to Creative Design Agency. We transform ideas into captivating visual realities, offering tailored solutions for branding and web design to elevate your brand and engage your audience.


Crypto Saving Experts

Your go-to hub for crypto education! Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to digital assets, Crypto Savings Expert offers market data and free resources to navigate the space confidently.


Fluidkey Capital

Your expert guide to navigating cryptocurrency presales. Unlock exclusive insights and strategies for maximizing investment opportunities in the crypto market.



MultiversX explores multiple universes via blockchain, fostering a new digital economy. Ideal for Cryptool with reliability, speed, low costs, and scalability. MultiversX, a distributed network, powers next-gen apps, ensuring success for Cryptool.


Crypteau Trust

CrypteauTrust guides investors and traders with personal coaching to navigate the crypto market confidently. Join their Premium community for market insights, portfolios, and investment opportunities. Discover crypto’s potential and risks with our comprehensive support.